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03-16-2007, 05:55 AM
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Originally Posted by BigE View Post
Most people seem to agree that this **** needs to be eliminated from the forum; however, all the fuss seems to be a result of the way it was handled.

It's generally understood that you're a rook, but you might have phrased things a little better.

Now you're going to face the difficulty of enforcing a policy which is so wishy-washy that nothing's really going to come of all this. Handing out warning points to the frequent or excessive offenders would have likely sufficed - that is, after all, what the points are there for. There wasn't really a need to lecture or penalize the entire board.

It's a learning process, though. Hang in there.
i dont really think its wishy-washy.
just stick to the rule and stop bashing players because of their heritage.
ive said it in the last game thread. criticize players for their play, but dont criticize them because they were born in a different part of this world. its actually not very hard to understand.

there are 4 guys on my ignorelist because they have been very hostile towards anything european.. ironically, one of these guys posted into this thread acting as if this has nothing to do with him and as if hes the biggest "euro"-lover there is.
now thats funny, and before you ask why im able to see his post despite having him on my ignorelist. unfortunately quotes arent blacked out when you ignore someone.. thats why.

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