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03-16-2007, 12:55 PM
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I'll agree with Mr Jiggyfly to a point. A snap shot is to a wrist shot as a pistol is to a long range rifle.

Snap shot:
Quick shot
Good in tight spaces
Easier to shoot "on the fly" (while skating)
Lacks the range or power of a wrist shot
(also effective for short passes over an opponent's stick)

Wrist Shot:
Takes longer to load & fire
Requires more space
More power
Better accuracy
Excellent for long range shots from the perimeter or passes outside of the defensive zone.

Slap Shot:
Longest setup
Most power
Least accuracy

And don't forget the backhand. So I'd agree that the snap shot is most often used and deserves a good amount of practice time. But each shot serves its own specific purpose. I'd never discourage anybody from learning a particular shot -- the more options you have for shots the more effective a scorer you can be when used properly (practice!) and in the right situations.

At this stage I recommend (especially for a 12 year old) practicing the wrist shot first before moving on to the others. It's good for strength building and is less impact on the body than the other two. JMHO

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