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03-16-2007, 03:19 PM
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you're right, the West needs the Wings because they're a big draw any/every time they're on the road.
there is no Wings/Avs rivalry anymore, but Bettman is going to say whatever he has to say to get people to buy into his b.s. logic for keeping the Wings in the West. attendence figures and revenues for many teams get inflated by having the Wings in the Western Conference because they're a big draw; Bettman will do whatever he can to keep things that way. if he'd fix the retarded schedule so we play everybody at least once a year home & away then whatever is left of the rivalry wouldn't necessarily have to die.

i'm by no means a Bettman-hater or apologist, i'm apathetic as to his reign; but the Wings lost a ton of money during the lockout, pay out quite a bit of money through revenue sharing, and [comparitively] lose a lot of money and energy over a Western Conference schedule vs. an Eastern Conference schedule. it's time he stop insulting our intelligence by feeding us these weak excuses.
we've more than paid our dues to the rest of the league, and i think we've got every right to put our foot down if/when realignment comes up and the league tries giving us the shaft.

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