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03-16-2007, 05:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Ola View Post
A pretty typical argument these days.

It ought to be just as natrual to say that its defenite proof that we are a hardworking team since we so often comes out of the gate and outwork better teams and takes a 2-0 lead.

We have blown some leads that we should have kept, no doubt, like against Florida and Tampa, but on several occasions we have lost 2 periods with 2-3 goals against better teams, why should that prove that we aren't working hard? Better teams usually scores more goals in hockey, Detroit/Pittsburgh/NJD/Ottawa have done that against us, after getting outworked in the 1st.

All someone need to do is watch this team play, are we getting outworked? Defenitly not. Misstakes and more misstakes have lost thoose leads. Hockeyplayers that are in over their head makes misstakes.
How come they aren't in over their heads in the first period? How come they are great for 30-40 minutes but become mistake prone in the final stetch? I'm not buying this. It would be one thing if the guys were getting beat around the entire game, but they show how they can play if they apply themselves. That is how they get the leads, that is how they dominate play. Just look at our failure to win those games with a 2 goal lead. No one in the league is close to us in this particular feat. Not even the teams that clearly suck. Not even the average teams, which I think we can all agree that this team falls within.

Look, something's wrong with us late in games. If you don't want to blame it on work ethic than you have to put it somewhere. Mental toughness? System? Mistakes? It doesn't all fall on Renney but to absolve him is silliness. I don't want to imply that this is what you are saying but it is out there in some of these posts.

Besides, no team or coach can state that his team is never outworked. That's a load of bull. 82 games is a long season and no team ever can make a claim like that.

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