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05-18-2014, 09:19 AM
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Originally Posted by Balthazar View Post
Catholic here and I can confirm that there's no such thing as "private funerals" (anyone can go to the Church at any time), but it would be extremely disrespectful to both, the family and the Church, to show up for "hockey reasons". So unless MSL have close friends that are playing for the Habs, none will show up.
St. Louis is a French Canadian hockey icon. Montreal and Quebec City are the two major cities in French speaking Canada. I'm sure there's numerous people in the Canadiens organization with some kind of tie to the St. Louis family.

Anyway I was born and raised RC--mostly Irish on my father's side--mostly French on my mother's. Both families when they originally came to North America settled in Canada first--my father's in Prescott, Ontario which is I don't know about half hour-45 minutes south of Ottawa and my mother's in Quebec City. I'm aware of what catholic funerals are about. I've also been a non-believer for decades. If the Canadiens team showed up en masse it might be considered by some to be in questionable taste I suppose but it's a matter of subjective perception IMO. In any case nobody is going to stop anybody from entering a catholic church--unless maybe if there's no room left inside.

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