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05-18-2014, 10:33 AM
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so I have been cut on my leg, through the sock (RBK edge) my hockey pant and long underwear. the cut was on the vastus medialis . that's the quad muscle to the inside of your thigh above your kneecap. I was able to use some dermabond (medical grade super glue) I'm a FF/P so I stopped at the hospital and talked to one of the ER nurses. I'm sure if I wasn't wearing the proper clothing in the correct way it would have been worse. I do have a sweet scar now that you can actually tell was a skate because of the hallow in the scar.

Also I have been wearing the Easton over the calf length cut socks now for about 2 months. I had a new skater guy attempt to block a shot by laying out in open hockey. I know crazy, right? anyways he slid at me like he was trying to break up a double play and his skate caught me right in the calf, luckily it was in the spot where the shinpad overlaps around to protect your calf. I figured I've been cut before so I spent the $30. just to be safe.

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