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02-12-2004, 06:39 PM
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Originally Posted by Liquidrage
Nice try, but thankfully I don't fall for strawmen.

I guess according to you one should only bother watching the games if they feel their team is a cup favorite?

Nah, what it boils down to is you had no real reply so you posted a bunch of crap.

I bother watching because I care a great deal. I watch every game on Center Ice, I have 100's of posts in game-day threads alone at FlyersPhans. And I root for them just as hard as ANYONE. Just because my opinion is that we aren't an "A" team but a B or a B+ team, doesn't mean a damn thing as except that it's my opinion. It relates nothing to how much I care for the team or watching them.

BTW, If I listed the three best players for every cup winning team in the last 10 years the only one's that wouldn't be considered "homegrown" would be Hull and Roy.
You may not have liked my post, but at least you stopped crying. Job done.

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