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03-16-2007, 11:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Bluenote13 View Post
You had me all the way up until PQ. He's a flounder.
lol i know bluenote, quinn seems like an awkward choice but i'll attempt to plead my case anyway.

first off, i have said plenty enough times that i think renney is not the coach to put us over the top. maybe i'm wrong but i think he's what i'd call "the bridge" to someone even better. renney has served his purpose in my eyes and if he was demoted back to full time front office duty i'd definitely accept that and at this point even embrace it since i've come to respect the guy for facing the music all the time and he seems to know his stuff in terms of player development.

now on to quinn *deep breath*.

i see quinn similarly to pat burns before the latter took the new jersey job. quinn is a good head coach. he gets his teams to play as hard and as tough as anybody in the league...2 things that should instantly satisfy a ton of ppl in this forum. he's coached in big cities before and he's charismatic, so he understands how to handle the media and public and how to deal with any pressure from either.

not to generalize our european friends, but quinn has had experience dealing with big-time euro stars (bure, sundin) so he can probably get along with jagr well. quinn's system, while flawed, is able to showcase an entertaining, attack style of offense while also relying on a simplistic approach to defense...stuff which should appease jagr and co. while not putting our d-men in awkward positions. quinn gets production from the lower lines and d-men, the special teams perform well season to season under him where he's been, and he immediately wins the trust of most of the players who play for him.

it also shouldn't be undervalued that quinn has never won a cup, has a reportedly close relationship with slats, and i don't think he's done coaching. like keenan a "lifetime" ago i'm sure the itch to put that on his resume is right on the skin like a rash. now i'm not saying he'd take the ranger job because it appears he might be in love with staying in canada. but unless i see someone better out there with all the intangibles (and don't give me any devil retreads because burns and jagr would last all of 2 seconds, robinson has serious health issues to deal with and ftorek i wouldn't touch with a 10-foot pole) quinn would be my choice.


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