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03-17-2007, 02:22 PM
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Having the luxury to see so many hockey teams (living in this area), as a non-Ranger fan that has been following them closely........ this is my take on Jagr:

He's clearly injured. The shoulder, the hip/legs, and considering that, he's still scoring at a good pace.

The expectations for him are so high, when he doesn't "appear" dominant on the scoresheet people are quick to rag on him. I say "appear" because it seems to me he is still always playing at another level above most others around the league. From almost all the games I've seen this season of the Rangers, he has one of the most dominant factors in the game, along with Nylander. How do you think the Rangers first line can dominate the other teams offensive zone so much?? Their ability to manage the o-zone with such controled boardwork and cycling, I oftentimes feel puzzled at why this board is always so quick to jump on them and start labeling them lazy, terrible, etc. Add to that his passing ability, and puck protection ability he's still a tough customer, even when injured. The amount of pinpoint passes he actually succeeds in making is also pretty high.

About his laziness: I think, he appears lazy because he has a long stride and generally smooth style of skating, and he's a big dude. Jagr usually doesn't have that "choppy, look fast on skates" skating style that players like Cullen have.
It doesn't look so smooth right now because of his leg issues, I think. That's a sign to me he is playing pretty damn injured. How often do you see Jagr with the puck on his stick and able to fend of two defenders on him on the boards, or able to create and maintain space near the half-boards. The guy can move in an out of traffic - the guy works hard, but it is often missed.

Defense is another story, but that has never been expected of him over the yeras, and i won't go into that.

I prefer not to make blankant statements, but I honestly feel that some have become rather numbed to Jagr being on their team, and that his contributions day-in and day-out get washed over by lofty expectations in a passionate hockey city. To me, from what I've seen over this season, he is still one of the most dominant players you can have on a team. Why you would want to get rid of him is still beyond me.

Of course, just my opinion.

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