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Originally Posted by FLYLine88 View Post
And that sums it up folks. Ignore HF lists, or THN lists......we have a BUNCH of prospects to be very excited for. Maybe not all 1st line players or #1 defenseman but we sure as hell have a very nice core to look forward toward.

Be excited..what we are witnessing right now is just the tip of the iceberg..
Fly & all:

What you are seing before your eyes is the development of our own home grown players. You see players like Pyatt, Dubinski and Dupont for example improve each and every year. I laugh at people who pigeon hole 17 & 18 year olds as 3rd or 4th line players. When they are drafted at that age many of them are playing limited roles on either their Jrs or college teams. Their point totals are therefore not a true reflection of their offensive abilities. As they get older and gain seniority on those teams they move up on the lines and in many cases their offensive production improves. For every Doug Wickenheiser (53G-65A per season in Jrs, 15G-22A in NHL) and Alain Daigle (45G-41A per season in Jrs, 11G-9A in NHL) there are other players who were less know and drafted lower who had substantially better NHL careers.

See for yourself, do your own analysis of what your own eyes are telling you. Many of these so called experts have no better talent evaluation skills than you or I do. If youa re like me you've seen enough hockey to know when you see someone who has the tools and when they don't.

How many would like a Erik Cole on the NYRs? Many I would wager. But, he's only 6'1" 185 lbs. Do you think that was his weight when he was drafted? What about a guy who is only 5'7" 175lbs? To small, right? Gee someone better tell Brian Gionta that he doesn't belong in the NHL! How about someone who averaged 34g-38a in jrs who was 6' 175lbs? No one would want Alex Tanguay right? I think you start to get my point.

The player you see at 17-18 is normally not the player you see at 20-21 and certainly is not the player you see 2 years later when they reach maturity at 23-24.
The key is the scouting and the coaching once these players get into your organization. Their skills need to be honed for the pro game and eventually to make the final step to play for the big club in the NHL. How many teams in the NHL now emulate our rookie camp? In fact the NHL legislated in a rule change because we had the financial resources and had a month long camp.

This is the part that many of the people who post on here failed to acknowledge was a vastly more important facit of the change in the overhaul of the organization than what they saw on the ice on MSG. I now when I see posts arguing for the promotion of many of these career 3rd and 4th line draft picks!

Thank god for the hockey fairy! Where would we be with out the hockey fairy!

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