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05-21-2014, 12:06 PM
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So it begins...

Every time you think the Cleveland Cavaliers are out, the lottery pulls them back in.

In an incredible bucking of the odds, the Cavs won the draft lottery on Tuesday for the third time in the past four years. Even more, they've won the top pick four out of the past six times they've been in the lottery, dating to 2003 when Cleveland won the right to draft LeBron James.

Naturally, outrageously or uncomfortably depending on your rooting interest, the big question now becomes: What does this development mean if James chooses to become a free agent next month?

It's a question that never seems to go away, no matter how much success James enjoys with the Miami Heat or how many failures the Cavs experience without him.

The notion of James ever playing in Cleveland again is an extremely polarizing topic, both inside the organization and with its fan base. Within the league, opinion on this topic varies wildly. Some label it as absurd because of the Cavs' repeated stumbles and the damage the franchise did to James on a personal level after his departure. But there are others who think it's reasonable under certain circumstances -- one of which exploded onto the radar Tuesday night in the form of more lottery luck, opening the door again for the Cavs to add a potential star player.


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