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03-18-2007, 11:03 AM
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Question on a few sticks

Hello all,

My stick is on its last legs and Im looking at a few different ones, however, since Im ordering online I have a few questions about them.

Sticks Im looking at:


I have used sherwood wood sticks and always liked them, never tried their composites. The momentum Im looking at is only 30 bucks (originaly listed around 120). Whats wrong with this stick to make it so cheap? Id really like to try a sherwood composite, what would you recomend?

Powertek is a company Ive never really heard of but their sticks are cheap. Anybody ever used one before?

Warriors I hear are great but arent very durable and I dont wanna buy a new stick every month. My endure has lasted me about four, five months now and Im probally going to get another few games out of it before it snaps. Anybody had a bad expirence with a warrior stick?

Thanks for all the help

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