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Originally Posted by xander View Post
1. No ones asking Montoya to come up and be Henrik, Henrik wouldn't havn't been Henrik if he had started his NHL career at 22. That's why you ease him in slowly over two years.

2. No, this is why you wait and let them both play at the NHL for a year or two. There is no rush! After a few years the brass will have a pretty good understanding of who they prefer.

3. Who the hell cares if the fans are divided? The Brass has never given much creedance to what the fans think, I doubt they will in this case, and the would be right not too.

4. We're not talking about handing Montoya the keys to the castle, we're talking 25 to 30 games. If Henrik can't defend his position against a rookie 3 years his junior starting half the games that he is, then his problem isn't Montoya. The guys a pro and a grown man, we don't have to baby him.

5. Beezer was a Vezina winner when Richter emerged on the scene, would you have prefered the rangers had moved Richter before seeing what he had because 'how much better do we want someone to be?'

I'm not saying rush him, or even bring him up soon so I don't understand the inclusion of those comments... I'm completely on board with letting Montoya finish it out in the AHL this year. There will eventually be a point though where he's not going to be thrilled with playing for the Pack. And one thing that can hurt the value of a player is the player suggesting he wants off of a team.

The other option is bringing him up eventually for the back up spot. So assuming that for a moment, and considering what Henrik has shown in basically being able to play every night, do we start forcing Montoya into games?

Bottom line for me is that Montoya is likely never going to get into the amount of games that we'll have to see for the team to make a legitimate decision on him. And if he does, then Henrik will legitimately be pissed off.

Fans divided sounds stupid, yes, but also results in the media writing about it. They write about it enough and it eventually filters to the players and to the management. Just causes distraction... Shouldnt happen, but it just does in all sports.

And I see no reason to give anyone else 30 games when we see that Henrik can easily start 65 and play extremely well.

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