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Originally Posted by ATLANTARANGER View Post
I have a personal philosophy about that, how do some players who appear to struggle and then all of a sudden blossom to become a solid player in Knuble's case and a bonafide NHLer in Armstong's case. Understand that I am not talking about elite players. Generally speaking, I hold that the difference between most players comes down to opportunity, confidence, the player's own and the confidence that a particular coach shows or is preceived to show to the player. That is the key in my opinion.
I've thought allot about that too.

I think it got some touching points with Mario Lemiuxe comming out of retirement, looking really heavy, and still outscoring the best of the best by a wide margin.

I don't think Mario and Gretz were extremely, out of this world, special talents. I think they were natrual talents at a time were players didn't practise all that hard, so if you were a natrual physical talent, along with a natrual hockey talent you had a advantage on two fronts. While today, all guys are good physically, and you can really only compete skill wise.

Therefor thoose two got to dominate extremely much. When Mario came back he got a advantage over the Forsbergs/Jagr's/Sakics among others, he had dominated in the NHL, he been in controll of entire shifts in the NHL because of his size and skill for 8-9-10 year. While dominating so much in all aspects during that time, he had a opertunity to look more steps ahead then Forsberg or Jagr ever had.

I heard a youth coach for MoDo, Forsbergs team in Sweden, say that guys like Forsberg and Näslund ect, weren't better at the age of 18 back in 1991, then the 18 y/o's comming out of Sweden are today. He said that they instead would be behind in allot of apspects. But at the same time, really few of thoose 18 y/o comming out of Sweden today, will be better then Forsberg are today. Forsberg had a big advantge, he could dominate at a really high level when he were young, and therefor could develop a tremendous understanding of the game.

Now back to the LeClair and Knuble of the world. I think thoose guys needs to be "handed" a position where they can get involved offensivly, they would never beat out anyone for thoose positions, but if they are handed to them, like next to a Thornton or next to a Lindros, they will get a opertunity to be snipers and score, which, even if its late in their career, will take their offensive game to another level, because they finally get a shot at practising at it. They finally got some time on the ice to look up, to evalute the other team defense, to focus on offensive aspects.

Many of these guys got it in them, but they need to practise at it, and thats something they aren't allowed to do in the situation they are in right now.

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