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03-18-2007, 06:48 PM
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Originally Posted by Enoch View Post
I will say this: If Tootoo is suspended, Modano should be as well. If he is not........well I think it clearly shows the league's favoritism to star players.
You know good and well Mikey Mo won't get a thing. Colin Campbell and the NHL braintrust are virtually impotent when it comes to policing the game. It's one of the very reasons why vigilante justice is so prevalent.

I haven't defended Tootoo all that much on this incident, but one thing should be noted in my opinion. Tootoo's hit on Modano was perfectly legal and clean. Why do players respond with illegal acts? (Robidas had every intention of roughing Tootoo up)

In my opinion, illegal hits on players are what should require an answer immediately. Making players pay like that for legal hits isn't right. Find a legal way to get back at Tootoo's legal act.

I feel bad for Robidas because he certainly didn't deserve the injury he received. But if you are going to commit an illegal act, I struggle to feel 100% sympathy. Tootoo had no reason to have to answer for his legal check. Robidas followed the 'code' and forced the situation. Tootoo should be punished. His response wasn't right. But the defense of Robidas by Stars fans isn't right either.

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