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Originally Posted by BrooklynRangersFan View Post
An observation on Dawes - he's almost TOO N-S. He is always going a mile a minute toward the net and always takes the writster or slapshot before he gets there. There's no variation in his game - he never goes wide, he never dekes and, worst of all, he never passes unless it's up/down the boards.
The thing is that Dawes have never been good on the rush. He have to scramble just to not get caught by backcheckers. There are no room for him with his skating to try to beat D's wide, or split them ect.

Dawes are dangerous when his line have gotten the puck down low, created a circle, and are able to find him for a onetimer.

If you look at Dawes skating, he is slow gooing N-S. He doesn't have a perfect stride, looking at lbs/inch he is really thick which slows him down even more. What he do got is extremely quick feets, and he works really hard so once in the attacking zone his skating is great, he is a expert on finding openings there. Dawes also got very serviceble hands, he are great at reciving a pass and getting of a shot in a hurry.

I where in Finland and saw the WJC live in '04, some of my friends remarked about Dawes like who is this guys and how the hell could he have made the Canadian WJC team? Dawes looked really out of place on the big ice, having huge problems keeping up with the pace. Then he were moved to a line with Richards and Carter, who managed to pin down just about any line they went up against in the attacking zone, and -- suprise -- Dawes finnished in the top of the entire WJC in goals.

Dawes have come a long way and developed tremendously since 04'. He can now even play a good grinding game.

But I wrote this on Dawes in 05';
One problem with Dawes is that he isn't fast. He got great acceleration and have really fast feets ect. Which results in that when he gets the puck in the attacking zone he can fly past most guys.

But he isn't much of a threat on the rush. He either must do something incredible - succed as a scorer in the NHL without beeing big or a threat on the rush or, become faster on the rush. Neither is impossible, when it comes to Dawes I don't even know if its unlikely, but there are still some huge questionmarks surrounding him. He should get a good long look though.
and I still think this is a aspect that he just haven't been able to fix, and that it probably are gooing to cost him a career in the NHL.

Dawes are now extremely fit, he have had allot of time to work on his skating, and it have got a bit better, but not enough for him to be a threat on the rush. I guess thats how it is with prospects like him, its small marginals, he looked darn good and were really interesting, but Dawes have not managed to be a threat on the rush anywhere but in the WHL. That aint good enough.

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