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02-13-2004, 07:38 AM
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Originally Posted by anonymous
It looked like the hip more than an elbow and I'd like to believe he didn't do it on purpose, but the way he was playing has to make you wonder.

Trying to pick up, I think it was Kapanen, and throw him down was about the most ridiculous thing he could've done and the refs agreed. After that was the hit on LeClair and the susequent stick in LeClair's face on the follow through, the ref standing in the corner 5 feet away didn't see that though . He started with a clean hit on Recchi and was looking to hit anyone after that. After Primeau left I don't really remeber him doing much of anything.

Who was looking for a trade for trades sake like someone suggested? Depth is a good thing, but the Flyers were weak on RW and needed a veteran goalie. Comrie wouldn't fill either of there shoes if you stuffed the toes with newspaper.

Handzus, Lapointe, Sharp, Recchi, Gagne. The first three have shown they can do it this year, the last two can fill in if need be and there's still some Phantoms, Boyd Kane was recalled in case Roenick couldn't go last night. Ian McNeill did okay last year. Depth? We got depth. Comrie? We don't need no stinkin' Comrie. (for all you young un's that's paraphrased from a Humphrey Bogart movie Treasure of the Sierra Madre) Maybe next year we'll miss Comrie because he apparently will show up with a full training camp and season. Or not.
One thing about Comrie is that he's only got a one year deal, correct? So its not set in stone that he would have been here come next season, and its not set in stone that hes going to be in Phoenix either.

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