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Originally Posted by iCanada View Post
I'm with replacement, these guys have zero leverage.

There are 240 nfl v payers drafted every year. Maybe the first three round make the nfl... That's a solid 900 (150 times 6 years or so) worth of random replacement players in their prime who could step in and perform a chl players job quite easily and make at least double their annual income in four months...

There are only 180 jobs to be had in the cfl. In what world would they have any leverage? These aren't A level, B level, and in most cases even C level players (with some exceptions, maybe 10-15 guys). These are D or E level guys. This is like ECHL hockey players striking. They should be happy they have a job.

It's made even more of a joke by the fact that the revenue sharing these players want they already had bit pissed away because the league had a down year four years ago and they wouldn't get to have a raise.

I'm sorry, but these players are in for a rude awakening.
AS I've referenced this is the biggest joke of all. That the CFLPA wasn't buying the CFL revenue projections in last CBA, wanted no part of revenue sharing, instead wanted non tied immediate cap increases, and now wants their bread buttered and cake too at a later date.

Its so laughably ironic the CFLPA even has the gall to ask for revenue sharing at this point now that revenues are better than they expected. Maybe they should have thought longer about being revenue partners in 2010, they have only themselves to blame.

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