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03-18-2007, 11:10 PM
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Originally Posted by Pangolin View Post
It seems that Warrior sticks are really hit or miss, people either love them and have nothing bad to say, or they hate them and would not go near one and would not recommend it to anyone
I'm looking into new sticks too and I'd at least be trying the Warrior and see why they're so (un)popular
Have you tried an inno 1100(aka dolomite) or a true-one(mac daddy)... or a vapor XXX(mac daddy) or a vapor XX(dolomite)?

Warrior also is hit or miss whether you get a repainted inno 1100, vapor XX(or XV shaft). I've even heard of a repainted vapor V!!!

I'm neither opposed nor pro warrior. But their technology is a few years old and they're selling sticks based on hype as opposed to quality. If it was based purely on quality they'd be looked more down upon because part of quality is consistancy and you can't be consistant when you paint three or more different sticks as a dolomite.

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