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03-19-2007, 09:43 AM
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Originally Posted by Stars99Lobo37 View Post
I see no reason not to defend Robidas in this action. He turned around and was going to fight Tootoo. He was going to drove the glove, which he should've gone, and take on Tootoo. But Tootoo didn't even give him that chance. That's what we're more pissed about than anything. Robidas did nothing illegal except turn around and try to stick up for his fellow teammate.
1) Robidas was coming in and still had his gloves on which means he was going to take a shot at tootoo first then possibly drop his gloves. The intent was there to do something, he just didnt get the opportunity to follow through on said intent. Yes it is admirable and right to stick up for your fellow teammate but by no means does "sticking up for my boy" absolve him from accepting his part in the occurance.

Originally Posted by Stars99Lobo37 View Post
On the Modano stick situation, yes he does deserve atleast a game suspension.
2) Modano doesnt deserve a suspension at all, he stopped himself from doing something idiotic at the last second, at most he deserved a minor penalty for slashing or high sticking.

Originally Posted by Stars99Lobo37 View Post
But still that leaves no reason to leave your glove on and punch a guy. Tootoo keeps using that as an excuse. Leaving your glove on and punching a guy right in the face, is worse than taking your glove off.
3) SINCE WHEN? I've played hockey for comin on 20 years and never once would i welcome a shot in the face from a bare knuckled fist over a padded glove. if Tootoo had his glove off for that punch Robidas might have a broken jaw or nose along with that concussion and Tootoo would have had a broken hand.

and finally

4) Quit calling this a "sucker Punch" by its very nature a sucker punch comes at you blind sided either from behind or the side where the player cant see it coming. Robidas got cold cocked by a haymaker, but he was lookin right at it when it happened. That is not a sucker punch. I was very happy when Big Head Bob pointed that out sunday afternoon

If Tootoo gets more than 1-3 games for this the NHL should feel shame at its own ineptness. How many games did ovechkin get for that check from behind that sent briere i think into the boards.......Its easy to stamp your feet and make noise around your fringe players

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