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02-13-2004, 10:27 AM
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Originally Posted by GilleZ
Our D was weak yesterday. We now have the proff that Brisebois cant play as our 1st D. I was listening to 110% and they showed brisebois on the Lecavalier deflection, and he was doing the "flamand rose" (french, some pink bird) trying not to get hit by the puck in front of the net. That was pathetic. I dont what to start the brisebois hating team, but we cant depend on him on the penality killing or playing 25min. We got to give more time to Komisarek, even though he will make mistakes.
OK, first of all, why are you putting any stock into anything 100% has to say? As for pointing out Brisebois, was he the paramount reason for why the team blew the lead? Was he responsible for allowing 24 shots against in the third period? While not perfect, and certainly not a number one d-man, Brisebois has been a pretty steady defender this year and Komisarek hasn't. Sure, I don't exactly see Brisebois as a reliable penalty killer or someone who should be logging a ton of ice time, but frankly Komisarek has not exactly done enough to earn a lot of time on special teams. In fact, Brisebois has been a lot better than him this year.

Originally Posted by HABitude
And their first center is not a kindda Yannick Perreault in bigger size. Vinny Lecavalier is truly an impact player, he's much better than our first center. But this board is filled with posters who will say the opposite.
And this board is also filled with posters who can't seem to resist taking shots at Koivu even when totally off-topic. Seriously, was this necessary? You had a good post going there up until that useless finale. Does Koivu's alleged inferiority as a first line center have anything to do with the team blowing a lead and falling apart? If so, kindly explain. And not that I am going to defend Koivu and claim he is better than Lecavalier, as you are suggesting people on this board would say, but please explain how Lecavalier is "much better". Last year, with a better team and better linemates, Lecavalier scored 78 points in 80 games. Koivu, on a weaker team and with lesser linemates, 71 points in 82 games. Is Lecavalier really that "much better"? How about this year? Lecavalier has 39 points in 55 games. Koivu has 36 points in 44 games. Again, Lecavalier, who you correctly point out plays on a really good team with great players like Martin St. Louis, is that "much better"?

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