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02-13-2004, 10:29 AM
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Originally Posted by jericholic19
guys, is kipper the flames number one goalie? if he is, will turek get anymore starts? does he even deserve anymore starts? how does noodles figure into this situation? thx in advance.
I'd imagine the coaches will probably ride both unless one proves to be much more consistent than the other. Lot's of people were quick to judge Turek but I think a lot of it was unfair as the player was coming off a major injury. How Turek plays in the next month will really tell us where's he at.

Long term I think Kiprusoff will be ahead of Turek on the depth chart. If the Flames can deal or waive Turek then McLennan stays for the rest of this year, if they can't then I think McLennan would be shipped out.

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