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03-19-2007, 04:59 PM
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Originally Posted by FlameofTheWest View Post
Your missing the point of what hes meant to hockey 1) in the states and 2) in a southern city having a hockey franchise. How he feels and what hes meant are two different things. How many milestones have Nash fans had to celebrate from their players? So if a US hockey icon happens to reach a milestone in your US arena regardless of if you agree with his comments or not he deserves your recognition. Boo him right after if you like but the guy has done more for hockey in the US than anyone on your current roster. Half the guys on your squad probably had never heard of Nashville in minor and junior hockey before coming to the team, so give a US born player a little more respect for a very respectable milestone.
Just so you know FlameroftheWest...none of the Pred fans who post on this board make a decision at the games to stop play, post on the jumbotron...or other type things for a visting players accomplishments. Regardless how I or anyone else feel about him the organization/NHL make that call....and until they comment who the hell knows.

and maybe you have not been following, but he was not booed the entire game (even after scoring the first goal), until after he smacked TooToo across the back with his stick. Most felt he should not be on the ice at all when he scored the record setting goal.

Also, explain "how he feels and what hes meant are two different things"? If I come into your home after making comments that your family should move or leave......would you still welcome me and respect me because I have been good at something? That would make you a dolt.

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