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05-26-2014, 12:11 PM
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Originally Posted by DecadesofFutility View Post
If thats the case then they bettter spend the whole off season working on thier skating.
Because either they improve their skating or watch the rest of the league skate circles around them
I didnt say draft a bunch of ice skaters and try to teach them hockey.
Lets keep drafting slower and less skilled players its worked so well in the last 39 years.
That's not in the same stratosphere as what you originally wrote.

No one's going to argue that drafting potato-sacks like Mathers and Klotz were a waste of assets. The team should always draft for skill because that's what it really comes down to. But, to prioritize skating (like you originally suggested) I maintain would be idiotic.

The rest of your post is melodramatic nonsense.

Originally Posted by DecadesofFutility View Post
Of course Pronger and Timonen are not spare parts, they were major peices.
But the rest are complimentary parts at best.
Some would claim they are overpaid 3rd liners all.

Timonen is not enough to carry this whole defense.
He was not enough after Pronger's injury and he definately is not enough now,
assuming he resigns.

I can see this defense looking like that mess of 2012 without some retooling before the season.
Unless Hextall performs open-heart surgery on this defensive corps., we're going to be looking at the same mess... if we're lucky. And assuming he does, there isn't a poster here that's going to like the price-tag it'll come with. The only thing the Flyers can do is continue to draft well, and hope that they can find a replacement from within. Maybe we'll get lucky, like we did with Timonen, like we did with Pronger, and some team will cut ties. But, we can't rely on that happening.

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