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05-26-2014, 07:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Joey Bones View Post
We have...
2nd (either 57 or 59 or 60)
3rd (either 87 or 89 or 90)
4th (either 117 or 119 or 120)
5th (122)
6th (either 177 or 179 or 180)
7th (either 207 or 209 or 210, the last pick in the draft--But not too sure if this 7th is LA's due to the Carcillo trade)

He's an extreme head case, more put. Loads of issues off the ice, but yes the talent is there. If we were to go the PPQB/OFD route, I would look more into Honka or Dougherty. Maybe even Siebenaler in the 3rd? I like DeAngelo, but not as a 1st rounder for us. If we were to snag a 1st I'd want a forward (preferably center) or Honka.

Two quick notes though...

- I know he's a two-way defender, but I'm liking Josh Jacobs the more I hear about him. He's smart, strong, and closes off lanes while also making clear cut passes. He, although, sometimes has mental lapses, but that could be worked on. Solid late 2nd/3rd round pick, but may not be there till then.

- I get the feeling that the Rangers are grabbing another goalie in the later rounds. Just a hunch though. (Signs point to Igor Shestyorkin?)

I didn't mean 1st round pick. People are saying he might slip to 2nd or 3rd. I think he would be a good high risk high reward pick in the 2nd or 3rd round.

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