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03-19-2007, 07:58 PM
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Add Keith Jones (of Philly & TSN fame) to those who thought Tootoo should get zero games.

Toronto Radio (Fan 590) discussed it today, they were a little unclear on some of the details and Tootoo's past or lack of with Colin Campbell's department. But it was a decent talk and got into more of "the code" and it's role in what happened and how the NHL doesn't send real messages with there suspensions.

Case in point, would anybody be in a rage if Tootoo got 6 games and was out of the Dallas game on the 31st? No, but they give him 5 games and will use this event to their advantage to improve ratings and attract fans.

It's the first 15 minutes or so and most of there discussion is before the 5 games is made public, they actually get the 5 game report while on the air. - Click on the 03-19-2007 link.

I also hope Colin Campbell releases the details of how he came up with the number 5, I always find it interesting when he make comparisons to past events and his logic behind the assessment.

PS - I wonder if Dallas is holding a parade for Colin Campbell or making March 19th Colin Campbell day, since they love commemorating franchise events.

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