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05-27-2014, 04:39 PM
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Originally Posted by Q Continuum View Post
I don't support physical contact of any kind, but when you're paying $300 a pop for those tickets, you have every right to voice your opinion (WITHIN REASON, any further than "wow, that was garbage" or other game related things is too far).

Sadly, gotta keep the unwashed masses away from the rich and famous.
Originally Posted by Smart Dunsparce View Post
Because you choose to pay $300 a ticket doesn't mean you can spit on players or call them names because of poor play. At the end of the day Hockey is entertainment and they are human beings just as much as we are. It's not mine or your problem that those fans are stupid enough to slit themselves in the wrist, most likely knowing the result of the game and paying $300 a ticket then proceed to spit on the players because they were expecting a different result. Almost all of your posts I have read even in the Memorial Cup thread there seems to have a sour grapes attitude or undertone... like an inferiority complex against the rich which imo is kind of sad. Don't hate, appreciate. Like Damn these kids play in a hockey mad city for the best fans in the world, -40 weather including windchill in the winter, gets booed off the ice for their **** games, and is already a place where it's hard to get good free agents... last thing we need are a bunch of hicks paying $300+ knowing they're going to lose and scaring whatever great young talent we have left out of here. As Moulson Muscle said I sure as hell wouldn't want to go through that ******** after every home game. I say good decision.
Learn to read. I never excused and actually condemned anything further than game related comments.

Nice try though. Swing and a miss.

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