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05-27-2014, 06:27 PM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Just wanted to say that theres nothing I'd seen in your statements that should have elicited that self righteous vitriolic response. Frankly I find the rebuttal to what you stated from "smart dunsparse" highly offensive.

Nobody in any way in this or any other thread was stating its acceptable for people to be spit at or anything like that.
It's a charged topic, so I can understand.

To be clear: I agree. Spitting, harassing or swearing at players is wrong. Personal/family attacks are wrong.

But I support the paying customers right to an opinion, and if it's kept to booing or game related "that period sucked" kind of comments, I don't see an issue.

That being said, Oilers fans have shown they can't handle the privilege of being that close to the players, so now it's being taken away. The ****** few have ruined a cool idea for the rest of the fans.

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