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02-13-2004, 01:26 PM
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I just can't think of an asset or a position that we should offer (that they would actually accept) or he would fill.

No doubt he is a dandy. That said, he will be a ufa at the end of this season and the question bares out that is he the UFA we want to go after next year. If not, we shouldn't move a single asset to nab him. If he is, then the deal would be built around his signing a cheap contract long term with us. Then, it would be worth something but not much at this point. They would want decent return on him and we don't want to give any of our kids yet. IF there is a lock out that lasts most of next year, we are in a grand spot. Our kids (some great ones) are on the cusp. A half year of them moving from juniours and the NCAA to the AHL (I don't see them honoring the stoppage)a for a tune up and we might have the horses we need within already.

Ally is up after this season, right? I remember his being in option after this year (I could be daft again) and if so, I don't know if he is worth the gamble even if he is green carded by the docs. He is, at this point, an injury prone player. When healthy he is one of the top three centers in the game no doubt. I just have a bad feeling about the way he has handled his injury time and as such, wouldn't feel burned if he moved. I believe he would get us some nice compensation as he is under UFA (at this point) age and would be an RFA anyways.

No Allison. No Deader. Maybe, no Ziggy. (god help us). IF we are lucky enough to retain Ziggy and will have Straka then we are only short a true first line center. (Arguably) I reckon we can nab a cheap talented first line center as there are a few who will be up this off season. Lines of,

Frolov/Stumple(worst case)/Barney (or whoever can take his spot)

as our front lines look grand to me. I would like to replace Stumple and there are some lads to that with this season as said. If Army becomes our second line center I feel comfortable with that. He has proven his self capable of the spot. We need a speed center for the zig/strak line but, might have that in Camms, or who knows.

I wouldn't go after Kovy unless he were an absolute steal for us. Like a "future considerations" deal, and that won't happen.

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