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03-20-2007, 06:03 AM
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51tyutin51- I agree 110%. Made this post in the GDT before I saw your thread.

Originally Posted by Edge View Post
Scary thing is if the Rangers paid this much to attention to defense earlier in the season when they had their scorers in the lineup, this team would be a heck of a lot higher in the standings right now.
Yeah, great point. I also think we have really developed as a team defensivly this season.

Look at how we are playing now, if the other team got the puck under controll, we start to trap right away. Even guys like Hollweg won't go after the puck, Holly lines up about 10 feets from the net and waits for the D do comeout.

Thats far from the ordinary trapping style, were teams almost always backs off, we only traps when the other team are set up and got the puck under controll.

Thats something we practically didn't do at all last season, and when we did it we got run over. Early this season we never backed off. Though I remember one game against Tampa where we really started to use it, and got great results. It were the Orr/Holly-goals game.

These are quotes from that game;
Originally Posted by KyLoMein View Post
Rangers playing the trap btw... dunno if anyone mentioned/noticed that yet.
Originally Posted by Ola View Post
I really like how collected our 1-2-2 have been tonight. Great defense all the way. Even saw Jagr set it up once, directing Hossa.
I gotta say that I am extremely impressed with how Renney got his team playing right now, and it can still get allot better. I am not talking about the results, but the general play. I am not saying that we will win the Cup or stuff like that, but how we are following a system, and how effective that is.

We are handling the puck. We got allot of safe set plays out of our own end. All lines are pretty succesful in the transition game. We loose really few pucks in our own end and in the neutral zone. We are forechecking really well, extremely effective at times. We are really smart there. The LW goes in first, forces a pass, then the C and the RW steps in as the LW are hustling back. With the LW back, there is a option for our D to step up if the C and RW wins the puck. If we don't got a option to forecheck, we back down and trapp. We are executing the trap and the forecheck systems really well.

Thats what I think we are dooing well. There is one thing we aren't dooing all that great, and thats coverge in our own end.

The results, we have outshoot the teams we have played again, 17 out of the last 19 games.

I've seen a ton of people dig out allot of stats of blown leads, reasons for why Renney should go ect.

Were are the Rodent with that stat? Were are the bloggers who want to axe Renney with that stat? Were are Brooks and Co. with that stat?

Rodent today got a pice that we are all Lundqvist, actually, since we always are outshooting the teams we are playing against, one could say that Henrik are only dooing his job, I won't say that but I could!

We have outshot the other team 89% of the time the last quater of the season. If anything, that can be pinned directly on the coach, how the team plays in the big picture, much more so then a decision taken by a single player on the PP ect.

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