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03-20-2007, 10:39 AM
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Originally Posted by Aquiace View Post
This could have been a great opportunity to inform the people that there are exciting things happening in the NHL. And they blew it. They constantly talk about how misplayed superstars like Crosby and Ovechkin are because of the stupid schedule. When Ovechkin came to Vancouver, everyone was talking about it because it was the only chance to get a glimpse of the phenom in action for the next 3 years. Crosby won't even make it to our city this year.

So now they're saying that Poile could have responded to the request and at least informed everyone of the significance of his 2 goals. No one would have made a stink. Who cares if you like the goals? If the events of that night hadn't come about in that manner it might have been different.

The whole NHL administration is incompetant and is more concerned about saving a few dollars than reaching their target audience. Bettman is happy just to have a job. He knows he'll be ousted soon unless he has mafia connections... which might explain how someone of his naivite and incompetance got the job in the first place.

To quote a friend on another board who said it best:

First off, it WAS on the jumbotron before the game. The achievement WAS mentioned after the game during Barry Trotz' press conference. There WAS an announcement during the 3 stars. The potential to set the record WAS in the newspaper that morning--along with a large photo of Modano. It WAS in the handout distributed before the game. If the Stars organization wanted to have the game stopped and laurels thrown upon Modano, they really should have asked for it.

Modano got his net, which is what the Stars organization asked for.

I wonder why no one is interested in facts.

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