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Originally Posted by 51tyutin51 View Post
Now I'm sure someone would bring up henrik, well- the guys been good for 2 months now and we still managed to sturggle and come out with losses. The overall team game has changed. It isn't just henrik anymore- it is the team.
I would still bring up Henrik, Why?

Henrik has been playing very well since Christmas while the rest of the team were still struggling, it's all about cutting down on the individual mistakes made by some of the players. Now that there are less mistakes, we can agree that the entire team is playing well.

Originally Posted by Ola View Post
The results, we have outshoot the teams we have played again, 17 out of the last 19 games.

We have outshot the other team 89% of the time the last quater of the season. If anything, that can be pinned directly on the coach, how the team plays in the big picture, much more so then a decision taken by a single player on the PP ect.
The last game I posted this in the GDT:

Rangers advantage in the third, Why?

Thibault is tired.
That I think is one of the advantages of shooting the puck as much as we do.

But we still aren't creating alot of scoring chances, and when we get them, we can't seem to shoot the puck high enough (maybe it has to do with the lack of experience and patience by some players, but our experienced players aren't doing well either), when was the last time we saw the Rangers force the opponent's goalie to move laterally in order to get him out of position.

Well I suspect that they're training on shooting right now.
Originally Posted by Ola View Post
I love that we are more conservative. I mean, if the other team got the puck under controll, there is just too much to loose and too little to gain by forechecking.
We are conservative because that's the only way we can play the game right now, we have no creativity in the line-up, I'm not complaining as long as we win the games, but keep in mind that all it takes for us to lose is 2 or 3 individual mistakes that the other team capitalizes on.

Originally Posted by dave4 View Post
I've been a critic of Renney, but he deserves a lot of credit for keeping the team together when we were all but down and out.

That said, you have to wonder what would have happened had we not suffered all those injuries in the last few weeks. Renney was basically forced to infuse youth into the lineup, and the energy they've shown has proven to be contagious.
That's it, energy.

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