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03-20-2007, 01:06 PM
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He's looked great and at his young age is going to get even better. The best thing about him is that he's improved so much at this relatively late stage in his career. A guy like him you usually see coming, from way back in Juniors. We all knew about him, but in a few years, everyone in the NHL is going to know about him.

My only worry has very little to do with Dooby himself. It's to do with his lack of scoring thus far in the NHL -- not that I'm expecting for him to score, mind you. It's just that the Rangers' immediate need is for goals, so I wouldn't mind having a playmaker like Immonen called up in place of Straka. Though he looks invisible in games, he does put up points.

To me, even more impressive than Dubinsky thus far. He's younger and smaller, but he's fearless out there. I thought he looked tentative his first go around, but this time he's skating well, taking players on, getting his shots in and checking very hard for such a small guy. On top of this, he makes so few mistakes. My favourite thing about him is how he's willing to take shots from all over the ice. With the Euros on the team, you need a guy like Callahan to act as a counterbalance. I see him scoring a lot more goals before he's done. Potential 2nd-liner, but most likely a really good 3rd-liner.

Girardi is great. I love this player. He's so steady, so poised. When I watch him play, I keep thinking that he's a very steady 4-6th defenceman, then I remember that he's a rookie. You completely forget that he's not even 23 yet. I don't think it's beyond the realm of possibility that he improves further and becomes a long-term member of a great Rangers blueline that includes (in my dreams) Toots, Sauer, Sanguinetti, Staal and Baranka. That's to say nothing of guys like Rozsival or Mara, who still have several years ahead of them. I don't think that all of those players are going to make it, nor that all those who do make it will do so as Rangers, but Girardi really has given the Rangers something for nothing. What a great player.

I think that he looks so much different from at the beginning of the season. His offence has dropped off, but I am constistently impressed with his defensive skills one-on-one. He is beginning to remind me a lot of Kim Johnsson. I have no illusions that the Rangers are definitely going to keep him (especially with impending free agency), but I actually like him better than Rachunek. Pck is not so young, but he is still only a second-year pro. He has his offensive talent. He's sorting out his defensive game. I could see next year being a very good year for him. If nothing else, I think he could be a useful tradable asset next season around the time of the deadline.

As for my favourite prospect: the Korpedo. I was looking at the Kings top 25 list on the Big Site today and I noticed how expectations have dropped for Lauri Tukonen. I remember when Lauri Korpikoski was drafted, he was the black horse of the three Finnish first-rounders. The thought was that he was the least developed and the longest shot, yet could end up being the most successful of the three. Looking at how his play has taken off late in the season in Hartford, perhaps that is proving to be the case?

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