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02-13-2004, 04:11 PM
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Originally Posted by Rico Sivretti
ok then.
after all, only time will tell... but i'm a little surprise that no one else thinks like me... I thought it was obvious that CJ... So... We'll see... And if i'm wrong, i'll be the first to admit it... so you guys...
Beside that, any comment about my "overreaction" after a bad loss are unjustified... it's what I think since a good time from now, I only choosed to post after a loss that appears to me as typical of... And "Jr poster", yeah, easy buddy, I have things to do other than to post on the boards...
nothing personal
have a nice day

Time will prove it? I thought that us being 8 games over .500 before this week was a proof that he was a good coach. Time DID prove you wrong, thank you.

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