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02-13-2004, 04:56 PM
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Oilers fan here

Yeah those are 10 tough games but I still don't think the Habs will fall out of a playoff spot. I'd say that they have absolutely zero hope of being higher than 7th and I'd bet on them finishing 8th now that Souray is gone but they've still banked enough points that they'd totally have to go in the tank for Buf to catch them.

As for their recent slump, well they're lucky it hasn't happened before. The Habs are basically Jose Theodore and say a few prayers. Nothing wrong with that as I'm an Oilers fan who'd do anything for a goalie that can actually steal games. Mtl are weak on left wing and the D looks pretty bad now that Souray is out. Now you'll have guys playing bigger min that really aren't gonna be able to handle it.

In those losses vs B's and in Fla, Mtl took some of their own medicine where they actually outplayed an opponent but lost because the other goalie stole one. So that's coming around to bite them now a little.

Ribero looks to be a revelation and Souray has been great but he's gone now and that's gonna hurt. Meanwhile you've gotten some decent mileage out of Pierre Dagnais but he may well prove to be just Pierre Dagnais and a lot of success has also been predicated on Ryder and now he's having a predicatable rookie slump.

I would love if my Oil had 64 points at this juncture so things could be worse for you guys. You've banked a lot of points that should shove you guys into the playoff picture.

But I wouldn't feel too bad or ripped off by losing to teams like TB for instance because they are clearly a balanced team and especially moreso now with the addition of Sydor.

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