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Originally Posted by AIREAYE View Post
1. Shop guy was right on one count, the boot construction is different, with the One.9 having a carbon composite shell and thus being noticeably stiffer than the One.8. The tongue is also thicker on the 9 and the 2 aforementioned features are pretty much the main differences.

2,3. To be frank, I do think he was pushing the One.9 a bit much. The fit characteristics remain the same, but the feel will be slightly different due to the different construction & tongue. Both skates should end up fitting more or less the same after baking/break-in if that's what you're worried about. If he likes the One.9 fit, he should like the One.8 fit, especially if you tell him this beforehand (priming works quite well lol). They are very much NOT 'like night and day' (red flag) as he said, but a noticeable jump up.

Regarding choosing between the two, I would argue that you're in a good position of not going wrong either way. Either would be an upgrade to what he has now and many people wouldn't hesitate to jump up to the One.9 at that clearance price. However, do factor in cost of time/fuel as well as your budget for the rest of his gear to see how either skate fits within that.

If you decide to go with the One.8, think of it as a level above the EQ40, comparable or even a feature below the EQ50. If you decide to go with the One.9, make sure to understand that the stiffness at first may throw him off. I suggest setting the time aside a few weeks/couple months after purchase to bake them a second or even third time as he feels necessary. Undoing the top eyelet to attain ankle flex is also a possibility.
So after a trip out to the eastern part of the state to the "Hockey Superstore"..a couple of interesting things happened. One, my son felt that the Supreme One.9 in a 6D was "too narrow" and was pinching his front foot. This was strange to me since we had tried on that size a couple weeks earlier at our LHS and he felt they were fine. Teenagers....

Anyway, we also learned that the skates (which now seem to be entering true clearance mode as retailers want to make way for the new Supremes) were in fact 30% off the sale price...meaning they came in at $335 before tax (including a bake and sharpen). At that point, we didnt really spend a lot of time comparing with the One.8s as I felt that the value of the One.9 at that price was great.

He ended up in a 6EE. I am very hopeful that these are a proper fit once he breaks them in as he hasnt used a wide skate before (he has been measured as having somewhat wide feet, but we have always been in D or regular width skates). I told him not to be surprised by a huge jump in stiffness. He has a couple of games this weekend and we will see how the adjustment goes.

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