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Originally Posted by Robert Gordon Orr View Post
Just to set the record straight:

King Edward III's proclamation 1363 was written in latin and the supposed word 'hockey' was in fact the latin word 'Cambucam'. His letter was sent to all Sheriffs in England. In the first English translation in 1598 by John Stow, the word hockey was not used but rather Bandy-ball and Cambuck.
I see. And how could someone have so mangled a translation ya reckon?

Originally Posted by Gary Gillman View Post
I don't regard it as "isolated", the fact that any reference appears so long ago, with a lengthy subsequent gap, to a sport viewed moreover with disfavour by authorities should not be a matter of surprise....
Interesting. Thanks for digging that source up Gary. By "isolated" I was referring to the fact that the splinter and much smaller group of Normans who settled in Ireland (variously called the Hibernian Normans etc) did so by choice, removed, somewhat divorced as it were from the main body of their Norman brethren who settled in England.

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