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03-20-2007, 08:29 PM
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Originally Posted by Stranger View Post
I didn't get to hear this as I just missed it when I got into my car (only to hear Craig Ludwig..)

What was said by Leipold?
Some of the things I can remember:

1) Lites claimed Waddel (Atlanta's GM) called him and apologized on behalf of American hockey. Leipold said they contacted Waddel, and he was mystified why Lites even mentioned him, saying that he never contacted Lites and certainly did not apologize on American hockey's behalf.

2) Lites claimed Tootoo's glove had kevlar in it. Leipold said they specifically asked the Predator's equipment manager whether or not there was kevlar in Totoo's glove - there isn't any, hasn't been any, and no one on the Predators has any.

3) Lites claimed that he sent his forward people (something like that) to the Predators to work things out. Leipold said the only people they talked to were those that wanted the net should Modano score two goals, which they agreed upon.

Those are three things I remember being said, I wish I could remember the rest. He was not happy with Lites and the "untruths" he was spreading, and he was really upset that Lites supposedly mentioned how he would vote (or did vote??) on a Board of Governor's meeting (and this is not related to the voting on the schedule thing).

Leipold also explained his reasons for the schedule vote and the need for revenue sharing, saying he would most likely vote for a schedule change when the current plan ended AND a well thought out schedule was come up with (which supposedly wasn't the case at the last meetings) and that revenue sharing was something they have targeted since well before the lockout as it would make the league healthy.

He also said that Lites has no idea what the Predators finances are and should not claim certain figures.

There was more - it was juicy......I wish I had a clip for it.

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