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Originally Posted by Stranger View Post
I didn't get to hear this as I just missed it when I got into my car (only to hear Craig Ludwig..)

What was said by Leipold?
heard the leipold interview and just listened to the Lies interview, here is a point by point paraphrase...

Lites: "It's what he had in the glove. Those gloves now have kevlar in them." (inferring that it's even worse that he was gloved)
Leipold: He asked the Predator equipment manager about this and Pete Rogers said no Nashville player has kevlar in their gloves. He asked Jim McKenzie whether he'd rather be hit with a glove or a bare fist and McKenzie said glove.
Me: semantics, either way, he deserves a suspension.

Lites: "That kid (Tootoo) spent more time this season in the minors than he spent up"
Leipold (...and anyone with eyesight and I don't think Tootoo has played one game in the minors this season. (61 GP for Preds, ? GP for the Ads?, either way, FAR more games in the NHL.)

Lites: "They're the lowest revenue team in all of hockey, the largest receiver of revenue sharing."
Leipold: Lites has no idea whatsoever about our financials or how much revenue sharing we received and can't possibly comment with any knowledge since he hasn't seen our numbers, nor is it appropriate to publicly comment on another team's financials, anyway.

Lites: Dallas advanced the Modano story to every team they will play over the next month.
Poile: They were told of the record by Dallas when Dallas requested the nets off the goal. The Predators presented Modano with the nets off the goal, per their request. Dallas could have requested to the NHL that the game be stopped and the Dallas players could have come off the bench as a team to celebrate, but Dallas made no such arrangement.
Leipold: said he didn't know what was specifically planned because he had been on vacation and got into town right before the game, but they canceled the immediate acknowledgment of the goal after Modano's stick swing, the ref's no call and the goal scored on the power play that shouldn't have been because it would have been an awkward situation to announce it and have him get booed.

Lites: I got some emails from people in Nashville that said 'big deal,' but if you read the canadian press like Al Strachan.....
Me: Al Strachan???? does it really matter what he said next? Al Strachan...

Lites: I don't expect them to give them gifts, but to mention that it occurred.
Various eyewitness accounts from people actually at the game: The record was mentioned on the PA preceding Modano's 3rd star announcement.

Lites: After all the ruckus occurred, the stupid fans were booing Modano.
Leipold: You just cannot make blanket statements about another team's fans as an NHL executive.

Lites: Friends of mine like Donny Waddell in Atlanta called me and it was pretty well put and said 'what can I say, we're sorry on behalf of US hockey about Mike's snub.'
Leipold: He called Don Waddell and Waddell said he did not call Lites or apologize on behalf of US hockey.

Lites: I haven't heard from the Nashville organization, they must be asleep at the wheel.
Leipold: I'm not calling him, I'm waiting for him to apologize to me.

Leipold: Disappointed that the NHL hasn't taken a stronger public stance on Lites.

Leipold's Previous Relationship with Lites
-he and Lites had a good relationship before this week.
-Leipold has family in Dallas and attends most Preds games in Dallas and Dallas provides a box for him and it's right next to Jim Lies's box and they always have good talks at the games.

Leipold on the comments on the schedule vote: Publicly discussing a board of governers vote of another team is inappropriate. Leipold said that there were a ton of schedule ideas floating around and that he voted against the new schedule because he wanted the 3 year cycle to finish, but that he is in support of a few of the new schedule proposals once the 3 year cycle is done.

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