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Originally Posted by Killion View Post
Yes I agree. And I cant help but wonder if perhaps the Normans themselves brought the game into England & Ireland from Normandy in 1066 and that the game may well have been long established & played in France & the lowlands of the Basque Countries at a time when winters were harsher & the climate much colder than it is today.
Well put and I believe that is the history, in fact. This ties in as well to hockey being a game of the elite into the 1800's. Even the 1875 Montreal game was played by members of the Establishment. The Normans' games would have been those of the elite, since they were rulers and landowners in England, until finally the games - or at least their names - percolated through other levels of society. The Timeline, and I'd think the new book (I don't have it yet) makes a point about the high status of hockey in English society until relatively recently. Even Darwin's recollections can be viewed in this vein.


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