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05-30-2014, 09:37 AM
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Originally Posted by Ohashi_Jouzu View Post
Which is interesting, because depending on how much further back than 1838 we go, we start getting into the era of colonization which brought tens of thousands of Gaelic people to Nova Scotia and PEI. Maybe it's not of little note that the most common language of our founding fathers was Gaelic, and that Pictou is where the Gaelic immigrants would have landed/settled on the mainland at least as early as 1770. What could have been a fairly established activity among a persecuted population (hence a period of time that seems light in remaining details back "home") may have been allowed to develop/flourish and gain popularity/structure unimpeded over here.
Indeed, and it seems likely they brought Irish field games to Canada, perhaps under different names depending on where they came from and social status.

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