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03-21-2007, 01:01 PM
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Search around. I didn't personally see it but I've heard people say that they were getting repainted retail sticks. I believe it was from a few canadian stores... but then again I've heard reports of a certain canadian store repainting sticks as other higher end sticks too. Whether this was an isolated incident with only a few people effected or not is something I couldn't tell you. Regardless, you have to question a company that denies the fact that they aquired another company and are piggy backing on the technology that was already being used. Warrior(or at least their reps) denies ever buying out or even dealing with innovative, which is common knowledge... What else are they lying about?

I'm not sure whether these "retail" sticks were actually pro stock or whether they were being painted by the store selling them or what but it was being talked about for a short while. I can only assume that it was an isolated thing... Actually, what might have happened was that maybe they were repainting sticks and when they got word that people were getting upset they immediately decided to "release" a lot of pro stock sticks. If you've noticed a LOT of pro stock warriors are out and about. I honestly don't know.

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