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Originally Posted by TheWolfOfBroadStreet View Post
Really? I thought I read somewhere that he had short arms, I had no idea that wiggins had a similar steal rate!
You might be thinking of Gordon or Randle being undersized. Wiggins and Parker are very similar. Jabari Parker's measurements at workout on Friday: 6' 9" in shoes, 6' 11.75" wingspan, 8' 11.5" standing reach. Andrew Wiggins measurements from today. 6' 8.75" in shoes, 7' 0" wingspan, 8" 11" standing reach.
I've been trying to pretend the sixers were the spurs and what would the spurs do with this pick and my gut keeps telling me it's exum as well.
Yeah the Spurs have two good decision making guards in Ginobili and Parker. You don't have the shooting with the MCW/Exum duo, but the ball movement/decision making would be there on the offensive end at least.
Only problem is he's not exactly a shooter which is not really who you would want to pair with MCW.
Yeah it wouldn't be ideal but it could work. I have faith that Exum will become a good enough shooter. On the defensive end together they could be a terror for the other team.
If we do in fact go with exum I have no clue who they would take at 10, if dougie Mcbuckets is there do you take him?
I personally wouldn't take McDermott and I'm confident the Sixers won't. Check this list out that I borrowed from a poster from a different site. It may help us in predicting future Hinkie draft picks. Notice where our 2013 draft picks MCW, Noel, and Kazemi rank in these stat lists.

Here is combined stl and blk per 40 minutes for 2013 lottery picks + Kazemi

Nerlens Noel 8.1
Steven Adams 4.6
Michael Carter-Williams 3.7
Arsalan Kazemi - 3.7
Alex Len 3.4
Otto Porter 3.1
Cody Zeller 3.1
Victor Oladipo 3.0
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope 2.8
Anthony Bennett 2.7
Kelly Olynyk 2.7
Trey Burke 2.4
Ben McLemore 2.0
C.J. McCollum 1.7
Shabazz Muhammad 1.1

Now here is the 2013 lottery players + Kazemi by combined Stl+Blk+Reb+Ast per 40

Nerlens Noel 22.0
Arsalan Kazemi - 19.4
Michael Carter-Williams 17.5

Alex Len 16.8
Steven Adams 16.5
Kelly Olynyk 16.2
Cody Zeller 15.8
Anthony Bennett 15.7
Otto Porter 14.7
Trey Burke 13.5
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope 13.2
Victor Oladipo 11.4
Ben McLemore 10.9
C.J. McCollum 9.6
Shabazz Muhammad 9.0

Now here are 2014 NCAA lotto prospects by the same list, starting with Stl+Blk per 40. I also included Jordan Adams and Kyle Anderson on this list because they are getting ranked high on analytics lists:

Joel Embiid 6.0
Jusuf Nurkic - 4.6 (really inflated, only plays 16 MPG in europe)
Marcus Smart 4.2
Jordan Adams 3.7
Noah Vonleh 3.4
Jabari Parker 3.0
Kyle Anderson 3.0
Gary Harris 2.7
Andrew Wiggins 2.6
Tyler Ennis 2.6
Dario Saric - 2.4
Aaron Gordon 2.4
Dante Exum - 1.8 (small sample size, only 9 games)
Julius Randle 1.6
Nik Stauskas 0.9
Doug McDermott 0.5

Stl+Blk+Reb+Ast per 40:

Joel Embiid 22.3
Kyle Anderson 21.3
Jusuf Nurkic - 20.0 (really inflated, only plays 16 MPG in europe)
Dario Saric - 18.1
Noah Vonleh 17.9
Marcus Smart 17.2
Julius Randle 16.9
Jabari Parker 15.9
Aaron Gordon 15.1
Jordan Adams 13.9
Tyler Ennis 12.6
Dante Exum - 12.5 (small sample size, only 9 games)
Andrew Wiggins 11.6
Gary Harris 11.0
Doug McDermott 10.7
Nik Stauskas 7.9

I'm afraid if he's not there they might reach for a player like lavine or someone else who can be stashed for a year while the tank keeps Rollin.
If the Sixers envision being a spurs type team they might be looking at a guy like Boris Diaw. Kyle Anderson or Dario Saric fit that mold and might be available at 10.

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