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Originally Posted by Jtown View Post
The video i saw was on go there to see it. He did improve his athleticism in 2 months time. He is not a high volume scorer he is extremely efficient. An unselfish carmelo type? wtf is that. He is not suppose to be a playmaker, he is suppose to be one of the best half court scorers in college basketball which he was. You don't want your best scorer being your best playmaker.
Yeah. There is no 5 minute video. You watched the same 2 minute cut-up everyone else did. He is extremely efficient...against cupcakes. When they got deeper into the season and started to play better teams, he started to show his warts ( Coming into the season he was thought to be a better playmaker than he showed. You're right, I don't want my best scorer to be my best playmaker, but I do want my "franchise player" to make others around him better. I didn't see that with Jabari. There's a reason Carmelo hasn't sniffed a championship. At least with Wiggins, if he doesn't become a better playmaker, I can count on him at the other end of the floor.

I guess you're other "facts" weren't really facts either.

Originally Posted by TheWolfOfBroadStreet View Post
First of all great post Mrblack, I think I was thinking of randle, pretty sure he had like 5 steals or some crazy low number like that. I don't know a lot about saric or Anderson but I think it's time I start doing a little research myself haha.

Edit: after watching Anderson and saric I think saric is the better fit. I don't think Anderson is athletic enough. Does anyone know what role kazemi will be playing this year?
There's a pretty clear Top 8: Embiid, Wiggins, Parker, Exum, Vonleh, Randle, Smart, and Gordon. Saric is the wildcard. He's talented enough to be in that group, but between his contract situation and the unknown factor, he might not go where his talent suggests he should. The Sixers can afford to wait for him to come over. Not every team can. The more I think about it, the more I want him. Widely regarded as the smartest player in the draft. Anderson is a 20s type player. I guess you can kind of say he is a poor man's Saric. Anderson may be a better pure point, but Saric's other tools are probably a grade better.

So if you are the Sixers, and you stand pat at 10, you have to hope someone goes off the board. Assuming they take a wing with the first pick, I would think they would like to go for a big.

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