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02-13-2004, 09:12 PM
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Originally Posted by Liquidrage
No, it's not exactly.

Where are you all GM'ing to have your opinions?

After all, by your own (attempted) point, since you're not a GM you don't have a clue whether our GM is doing a good a job or not. Therefore, you should just not post about these things and leave those of us that enjoy being Monday Morning Quarterbacks alone since you have nothing to add to the discussion.

And that goes for the ever whinning (and therefore hypocritical) anonymous poster.
Oh man am I in your head! My "whinning"? Could you point that out please?

I wanted to know how your boyfriend knows what it takes to win and how someone else "obviously" doesn't. Are you here to fight his battles?

Yes, you are actually. By your own accord, since you're not a GM you have no idea if the posters you criticize have valid points or not.

It's a very old debating tactic and is called the Arguement from Authority. You and anon are using the inverse.
"Since you're not recognized as an expert your points are not...."

As I said earlier, if you're not going to discuss the points, just bow out of the discussion. Using such a foolish tactic leads to this, someone like me having to explain to you why your arguement is isn't a good one. A good arguement addresses the points. A good arguement does not ignore the points entirely to attack the person who put forth the points.
Here is your post, Liquidrage
You just proved you know close to nothing about what it takes to be a championship-winning team.
Here is the post I commented on by your boyfriend. Wow! You're right! It's everyone else who has nothing to offer. Good luck in your Jr. high school debates this weekend.

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