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Originally Posted by petejudge View Post
I'm sure resident lawyer Jonathan could confirm/deny this, but aren't there also potential legal issues in a company setting a price, confirming the order, and then not sending out said orders?
I'm only about to start my third year of law school, but no, there is nothing illegal because most of these sites have small print either on the site, or on the check-out e-mail concerning mistaken pricing or "while supplies last."

That would pretty much cover their ass. But if I remember correctly from my first year contracts class there are also other legal stuff that they could use to weasel their way around the issue, I forget what it's called though but most advertising isn't a binding contract that you could enforce in court. Websites with an item and a price, I am pretty sure, is considered such an ad.

This post has reminded me how much studying for the bar is gonna suck next year, thank god the rangers decided to make their run this summer.

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