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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
Absolutely. Which is what I was doing before becoming a PRO wannabe scout.

My Subban comment was made ENTIRELY based on reports. I don't remember really watching him. My Price comments was solely based on the fact that at the time, I thought we needed more talented players than a talented goalie. And in the end, if we would have ended up with a pairing of Kopitar-Quick, instead of Price-Latendresse, I'm not sure it would have been THAT bad. But then I went it and wondered about Timmins credentials...well that was dumb. I matured over the years even if I still believe that for the sake of a board, you stil need people with strong opinions. I have no idea how people would love to continually read "When, we can't say ****, we will see in 4 years". Over and over again. Nobody would read that. So what I choose to do is to actually watch prospects all year long live, TV and Net, so that at least I know what I'm talking about. And if Timmins choose a player I have no idea who he is, well while I won't be able to say that he sucks.....I still will be able to say that based on MY viewings, I would have love to pick this or that player. Just like I really wondered about the Erik Nystrom pick and go for other players though nobody really played in the league so far but some will while we're about to let go Nystrom. Yet, I was also thrilled to see the Sullivan pick as I loved the profile he had for a 7th rounder and yet....that also will not be working out. But they are just 7th rounders, I know.
Agreed with everything you've posted here. I don't follow the prospects as much as I would like. Any information that can be spread to these parts from more informed posters like yourself is appreciated. I read the reports and listen to posters here, ie Grant/Yourself and others and kind of just go with the flow. I have full trust in Timmins, as I truly think he's the absolute best in the business. Every now and then I may not like a pick as the one or two guys I did follow get passed over, but it's more just personal preference because I know a bit more about them.

I, like you wasn't too fond of the PRice selection at the time just because in general, I don't feel goaltenders should be drafted with 1st round selections, more a difference in philosophy than the player himself.

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