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03-21-2007, 05:47 PM
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Right... but if the difference in opponents +/- between groups is only 0.2, then the implication is that there should be only a 0.2 difference in the groups' +/- if they are playing at the same level. In reality we are seeing larger differences than this.

Imagine that across the league all the 2nd PK units consistently lined up against the 2nd PP units. The 2nd PK units would then have easier competition than the 1st PK units, but this might not be shown by your statistics, because the 2nd PP would have inflated numbers compared to the 1st PP (on the virtue of playing against the weaker PK).

That was a bit confusing. All i'm trying to say is:
- playing against all the weaker PKs inflates the 2nd PP's +/-
- as a result, the 2nd PKs appear to be playing against more difficult competition than they are

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