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Originally Posted by rangerstown View Post
I was leaning towards home with Stanely Cup Patch. Would love to get is signed one day! Thanks AHB.

Is Cosby's still the company who letters and numbers the jerseys the players wear today? There are so many customizers out there and I'd like to get the official stitcher. Thanks again!
Pretty sure the teams have guys that stitch the jerseys. I could be wrong on that though. I'm almost positive it's not Cosby's haha. They send it off to be stitched, which is how I've had mine done.

Originally Posted by rangerstown View Post
Sorry for all these questions. Is the authentic jersey the exact same specifications as the pro cut jerseys worn by the players on the ice or are they different in some subtle aspects (like embroidery vs. screen printing) that's usually done to prevent them from being sold as worn by actual players?
Screen printing vs embroidery/stitched is a massive difference. An authentic will certainly be stitched. You can get replica's that are stitched and look WAYYYYY better then screen printing.

Authentics run about 350-400$ but they are identical to what the players where. For example, I won an authentic Lundqvist jersey in some raffle from the Rangers, it was $360 I believe, but has the jersey strap on the inside and the area built in for his shoulder pads.

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