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Originally Posted by Edge View Post
As a whole I tend to agree with you, though I don't know if I'm in the Fire Renney crowd.

Right now the team is playing good and Lundqvist is playing like a goalie god so the era of good feelings has started.

Ultimately my opinion of Renney is still the same for right now: I still have doubts about his ability to adjust things when they aren't working or think on the fly when his plans don't fall perfectly into place. I don't think he's nearly as bad of a coach as some make him out to be but I also don't think he's a guy who lands us a cup. However he could set things up so that the guy AFTER him wins.
Eh, but honestly...the team as a whole has been playing better. It's not just Lundqvist playing out of his mind all of a sudden, and hell, Jagr and Co. haven't been carrying them these past few weeks.

Look at last night...Lundqvist had almost no work (though he did make some good and big saves). Same against Pittsburg for the most part...same against Boston. It's not that it's a total cakewalk for Lundqvist, he's still coming up with some huge saves and looking good, but the team has been playing better and helping him as well.

Who do we credit for getting the team to play better? I guess we could say it wasn't Renney and pin it all on the players, but I tend to think the coaching has something to do with it.

Renney does some things I don't agree with, and I think as a coach, he has a lot to learn...but he deserves some credit for the way the team has been playing.

But I do agree that his in game adjustment is usually poor, and I think he's guilty of overthinking things and trying to be cute with lineups and stuff like that.

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